My Guarantees To you

All of the guarantees below help sustain our excellent pass rate, however, we can discuss your particular needs when you contact us by phone , email or txt

Free Downloads

I provide you with acesss to premium driving course material

Dual Control

I have a dual control system built into my car to ensure your safety

Bulk Discounts

If you purchase a 10 hour block, you will receive a discount


You will always get your full time, no matter the situation

Car Availability

The car will always be available for you to take your test in

Free Booking

You will recieve the offer from me to book you practical test at no extra charge

Pass Rate

The less times you sit your test the less money it will cost you, so my high pass rate (82% to 1 april last year) will help you towards this goal.That was 22 tests and 18 passes

Practical Test

The D.S.A. demand a very high standard now for pupils to pass, and rightly so, as the roads today are much more demanding, with high volume of traffic and much more hazards i.e. junctions, roundabouts etc on the roads. Your lesson with Caley will be geared towards reaching this high standard (Hence the High Pass Rate) but, more important it will make you a safer and more confident driver. After every lesson, you can have free information sheets on the tuition you have just received.

Pass Plus

Jim McDonald is a Professional Pass Plus Registered Instructor. When you pass your Driving Test, you may take a Pass plus Course which consists of:

6 Training Modules including Motorway Driving. When you reach the Required Standard, you will receive a Pass Plus Certificate which will entitle you to a Very Substantial Discount on your Car Insurance.

More information can be obtained on


Download the excellent revision aid

You may download the excellent revision aid of all topics which we cover on the lessons. This is free of charge and very important aid to help and speed up your progress. I will give you the code for the driver active.