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BRUCE MACKINTOSH-KILWINNING passed 1st time 15th april 2015

As a pupil with Caley School of Motoring you will receive a dedicated learning process and progressive learning techniques. This will allow you to get through the test and ensure a strong, safe and responsible knowledge of the road, and the skills required to maintain your safety and the others around you at all times. Jim can cater to any pace of learning as everyone picks up driving differently. In addition to the practical element, Jim also gives access to apps and online learning tools for practice/learning when not in the driving lesson to keep on top of progressing for the test. Jim instils a level of confidence and awareness in your driving that informs you and stays with you in your development as a driver. Great personality that makes driving understandable. Cannot recommend Caley School of Motoring enough as it provided me with a new life skill and allows me to advance in my current work and life. IMG_3554

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