The Keys to freedom

Passing you driving test can unlock the world for you, allowing you to get your dream job, meet the 'one' and create amazing memories.


The Car

I have just chosen the car after careful consideration for what my pupils will need. Most new drivers will be driving a manual as their first car, so I also have a manual. It has all of the latest safety features, including a backup camera. 


It has been custom fitted with dual controls for both the pupils safety and peace of mind. 

A bit about me

I have over 25 years experience as a DSA ADI and I am also a member of the Motor Schools Association.
Using my experience to the full to advise and identify your strengths and weaknesses to guide you through your learning experience.

benefits of learning with us

I offer a lot of extra help and guides to ensure you have the best driving experience possible. I will provide you with free course downloads, free practical test booking, dual control car and loads more!

the key features of your success

Theory Test App

You will get access to an extensive theory test kit, including interactive test app. This will allow you to practice for your test on the move, at school, work or in the comfort of you bed.

Lesson Guides

With each lesson, you will receive feedback, as well as paper guides. I will provide you with step-by-step guides for each manoeuvre you may encounter in your test, and real life.

Book Your lessons Anytime

You can contact me at anytime to book your lessons, we can arrange then to suit your needs and work around any life commitments you may have.

Best Prices

I provide the best price for the experience and resources to ensure you have everything you need to pass your test first time. I have a 10 lesson course available at a discount too, please refer to the Prices page for more info.