Caley School Of Motoring

Car Features

The car you learn to drive in is a Toyota Auris icon. Toyota is the most popular car in the world. In the Auris we do not scrimp on comfort. The extras you will have to help you to pass your test are too many to mention.

Anti Locking Brakes

This is a safety system to prevent the brakes from locking up when you brake hard.

Power Assisted Steering

This is a safety feature that makes the car easier to steer.

Front & Side Air Bags

The car has airbags around the whole interior to keep all passengers safe in the event of an accident. 

Adjustable Drivers Seat

So no matter how small or tall you are, comfort and safety is a priority

Air Conditioning

A car can be like a Greenhouse in the summer. So the Air Conditioning will keep you cool throughout your lesson.

Electric Wing Mirrors

This is for maximum visibility, allowing you to adjust the mirrors without getting out of the car.

Manual VS Automatic

By learning how to drive a manual you will be be able to drive any car you may purchase, including automatics. This is why I chose to have a manual as my learner car. It is more challenging to drive a manual vs an automatic, but it prepares you for driving in the real world. 

I teach each pupil at their own pace, so we won’t go out onto public roads until you are ready and confident with the manual transmission.